Flawless, Seamless I

The work has been realised in different forms, both as a two-and three-piece banner printed on PVC and on air mesh. It appropriates a photo of an advertisement found in the book Photography in the Modern Advertisement (1937), demonstrating how to photograph stockings. The image depicts a woman’s hands showing the transparency and stretchiness of the material. 

The two-part banner version, printed on PVC mesh, allows the oversized hands to sensually communicate with the architectural environment that forms its backdrop. The scaffolding towers on which the two-part banner is installed are positioned at an angle to each other, so there’s only one viewpoint from where the image fits together. The banner created for the exhibition Display at PLATO, Ostrava, was exhibited indoors and consists of three parts, which can be moved to different angles. The installation includes a set of letters reading Sheer Indulgence. The letters are cut from reflective acrylic glass, and their custom design resembles curves of the female body.

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